Anna Maria Dalla Valle

 Veneziana, flautista, cantante, compositrice.

Diplomata in flauto classico e in musica jazz, ha iniziato con una ligia carriera da solista ed orchestrale classica per poi sbandare verso il jazz e tutte le sue derivazioni e contaminazioni.
Nel 2011 si laurea col massimo dei voti e la lode, con una tesi riguardante le nuove tecniche flautistiche, presso il biennio specialistico in discipline musicali, ramo jazzistico, presso il Conservatorio di Adria.
Lavora in progetti di word music, hip-hop, bossanova, contemporanea, compone per organici allargati e per propri progetti, come l’OrchestraComponibile (“Musica per piccola orchestra e 5 direttori”), dirige formazioni orchestrali e gruppi corali moderni.
La collaborazione con Paolo Corsini nasce del 2011 con il duo “A Casa Mi Veniva”, con il quale incide un lavoro acustico di forte ispirazione per i progetti successivi. L’anno successivo entrambi fanno parte di Astral Travel, progetto di spiritual Jazz di Tommaso Cappellato, con il quale incidono il fortunato “Cosm’ethic”, con l’etichetta inglese Jazz Re:Freshed.
Nel 2013 esce l’Ep “Squirrel Beats” con il Dj Producer Enjoy aka Alessandro Corsini, al quale segue una serie di concerti live in versione elettronica (Flauto/voce & live electronics, Piano/rhodes e synth, turntables & drum machine).
Nel 2016 inizia a lavorare al quartetto Squirrel Beats, cercando la summa tra l’idea jazzistica elettronica e la drum’n’bass fisica, non virtuale. Nel 2018 entra in studio e incide il primo album con questa formazione: Simone Gerardo (drums), Andrea Ghion (electric bass), ed ovviamente Paolo Corsini (piano, Rhodes, Moog) con cui condivide la composizione dei brani.
Da ormai ..omissis… anni insegna flauto traverso classico e Jazz e Canto moderno.

Nella vita privata, ha un figlio 18enne di cui va assai orgogliosa, due gatti ed un cavallo, una forte passione per la scrittura (come autrice e come blogger) e nel tempo libero è una speleologa.


Born in Venice, Anna began classical studies at a very early age, achieving flute’s diploma and then progressing through a strict career as a solo and as member of classical orchestras. She dedicated herself to singing lessons, following the passion to which her mother gave birth as a soprano, and she deepened a strong interest for contemporary music, artistic experimentation and rock too.
At a certain stage, Anna started an intense concert activity, both in Italy and abroad, with experiences as solo, member of chamber music formations and orchestras, playing piccolo and alto flute as well. She had the chance to confront herself with a baroque repertoire, in a duet with harpsichord and a chamber one, with a wind quintet. For several years, she has been getting into flute and harp lessons, maintaining a high preference for modern musical literature and contemporary style. At the same time, she took part as solo and choir voice in various pop-rock groups and tribute bands, working on the vocal arrangements of some records’ projects. Moreover, Anna supervised several treble voices and female choirs, besides some orchestral and bandsmen formations. The earliest encounter with jazz happened in 1996; she constituted her first quartet, in which she tried to make her classical flute aesthetics merge up with the tone color and expressive needs of jazz. In 2002, she achieved the Jazz’s diploma, after the studies carried on with Pietro Tonolo, Marco Micheli and Corrado Guarino. In 2011 she graduated with first-class honors and the highest marks at the Adria Academy of Music in Musical Disciplines – Jazz field, with a thesis regarding the new flute techniques. After that, she began following improvisation methods’ and arranging stages, with Pietro Tonolo, Stefano Benini, Fabio Petretti and Bruno Cesselli, as well as composition methods’ classes with Ben Allis, Corrado Guarino and Stefano Bellon. Called by the press the polyhedral flute at the age of 20, Anna collects the most different types of musical languages. She still treasures her love for classical music, which she carries on especially in the duet made with Paolo Corsini at the piano, with whom she also founded an intense duo flute-organ. The repertoire plays classical music with unique pieces of jazz origin. She experimented World Music with “Tantra Tribe Unlimited”, internationally recognized and award-winning group; there were also experiences in Lounge Music, considering the record with SuperLounge Orchestra, the project “Magnetic4” and the contribute as solo voice and flute with Groove Delight. She carried on the project “Hip Hop meets Jazz” with the rapper Max’n’Bassador and Otello Savoia; she made quite a few records and live for Radio Sherwood and she took part as well in various brazilian music formations, such as the “Estrangeiros” trio, the singer Carlotta Montana and the bossanova group “Nossa Alma Canta”, which she recorded with. There have been several progressive rock projects, including the upcoming record with Egonon. Due to the great attraction for orchestrating, she composed and arranged pieces for the Orchestra Componibile, experimental music and jazz-oriented group which she also took part as flute member; with this group, she cut the record “Musica per piccola orchestra e 5 direttori” (Music for the little orchestra and five conductors) in 2010. In 2011, she supervised some of her arranged pieces for the OrchestraComponibile, with the solo and saxophone Maurizio Giammarco. She now takes part in the “Paolo Corsini Sextet”, experience that includes collaborations with Cinemazero (Pordenone) for a project regarding the Noir Cinema (“CinemaNoir”), along with Mirko Cisilino, Filippo Orefice, Paolo Corsini, Alessandro Turchet and Andrea Pivetta; besides, she is part of the Tommaso Cappellato’s group “Astral Travel” (Spiritual Jazz), with Alessia Obino, Paolo Corsini and Marco Privato. Her very last personal project involves Paolo Corsini at the piano, Salvatore Pinello at Double Bass, Matteo Palma at the Drums and it’s made by self-composed tracks, showing the predominant tone and stylistic pulse along with a distinct personal taste in pieces’ set up. Throughout the tracks’ composition, it can be sensed a clear monkian taste, a rhythmic rush inspired by a personal fondness on drum’n’bass and a final overall touch full of musical irony. In the acoustic overview, there’s the 2012 release of the record “A Casa Mi Veniva” (It just worked, at home), a solo duo with Paolo Corsini that proposes the same composing idea. For the last twenty years, Anna has been holding flute (classical, jazz) and singing lessons in various institutes of the Venetian area, along with joint music courses for the modern, jazz and vocal branch; she oversaw also preparatory musical courses for elementary and middle schools. Nowadays she plays an active role as vocal coach in order to prepare for vocal and musical contests; besides, she cooperates as musical reviewer and voice specialist in some focused weekly magazines and websites. As a writer, she figures as playwright of various texts in the theater context and author of musical readings; among the others, a remarkable one is the project “Strange Fruit – Homage to Billie Holiday”, leaded by Valeria Bruniera.